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How to have a healthy and happy animal!

For us, they are only a part of our lives, but we are their whole life! They complete our lives, so we are responsible for their well-being. And what they want most is to spend time with us. Young or old, they measure their life in the time spent with us vs. time spent without us. But other than spending time together, what else can you do to make sure your pet is healthy and happy? What else is needed besides a lot of love and time?vet

1. DENTAL HEALTH Bad breath is not an accident, it can have several causes and explanations, and one of the reasons could be poor oral hygiene, as well as improper nutrition or the presence of intestinal parasites. Ignoring the need for dental care will lead to deposition of plaque and tartar, causing pain, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Bacteria that cause infections in the mouth can reach the entire body, through the blood, to other internal organs. Proper nutrition, which does not include food for human use or wet food too often, but is mostly based on quality dry food, is the first thing you need to keep in mind.

Other methods by which you can prevent dental problems are: mouthwash, brushing your teeth with toothpaste or fresh chewable bars. But beware of the ones you find in hypermarkets or the ones you see on TV in commercials. My favorites are the Veggiedent bars from Virbac.

Dental problems do not just mean bad breath. The pain felt in the teeth will cause him to avoid chewing and eating, which means that he will start to lose weight and you will know that you need to sound the alarm. When the tartar deposition is massive, there is the option of descaling, done under general anesthesia. Because our patients don’t open their mouths wide and say „aaa” when you ask them. 🙂

Internal and external parasites can make our furry friends (but also us) sick. That’s why it’s important to take precautionary measures so that your fur is safe and you save a lot of money. A massive flea infestation can cause anemia by transmitting blood parasites, but also dermatological problems (through allergy to flea saliva). Ticks transmit diseases such as babesiosis, ehrlihiosis, anaplasmosis or Lyme disease. Heartworms (heartworm disease) kill animals every year.

Prevention saves lives! (and it’s much cheaper to prevent than to treat).


Your pet needs quality food, not table scraps of salami and fried and seasoned chicken breast. But food suitable for the species, waist, in the recommended amounts on each type of bag. And for those with various diseases, assortments and diets have been developed for each type of problem (liver, kidney, diabetic, cardiac, obesity, etc.).

Also, your pet needs fresh water every day!

Your pet should have at least an annual check-up at the vet. Even if it does not show any obvious signs of disease.

It is recommended to visit the veterinary office even when the animal is healthy. So he can socialize and create a connection with the doctor and not stress as much when you get close to the office. Don’t hide under the bed when he sees that you are preparing the transport cage. In his mind, cage = cabinet = stress.

In addition, routine tests may reveal certain conditions that are not yet clinically expressed.

Lack of exercise and physical activity leads, first of all, to obesity. And an obese animal is not a healthy and happy animal. I know you don’t always have the mood to spend an hour with him in the park. But you have to find a way for him to discharge his energy. Otherwise he will become a restless and anxious dog.

The solution I apply with Cocco is input. When she gets bored and wants us to play, she brings me the bone (her favorite toy, with which, by the way, she always sleeps). I throw and she runs away and brings him back. Until he gets tired. And this is our solution when I am glued to my laptop or I simply do not have the necessary condition to move from one place.

It’s even easier with Thomas. With cats in general. A simple toy laser or fishing rod can help keep their minds busy and trained. Let’s not forget that cats are instinctive hunters and that they need a „prey” and such an activity.

A restless and aggressive cat can simply be an animal that has too much energy and needs to be tired to be calm.

A lost dog is definitely not a happy animal! And you will suffer even more if that happens. The microchip implanted under the skin is never deactivated. And it can help you recover it, in case you lose it. Many veterinary clinics still retain the microchip requirement prior to rabies vaccination (as was required by law until recently).

Do not refuse microchipping!

An extremely discussed topic in veterinary medicine and which deserves a full article, which will appear soon. In short, sterilizing pets can prevent extremely serious, life-threatening health problems.

Breast tumors and pyometra in females or testicular cancer and prostate syndrome in males.

Anesthesia and surgery at an early age can be much more easily tolerated by their body. Best of all, talk to your veterinarian and listen to his advice. And do a set of tests first.

Fortunately, medicine has evolved in recent decades and many of the diseases that once posed a danger to animals can now be easily prevented by vaccination. Parvovirus and Carre’s disease (jigodia) are excellent examples of diseases that are common in unvaccinated and life-threatening dogs.

Panleukopenia is an example of a viral disease, very common in veterinary offices in kittens that have not been vaccinated. Even if they are exclusively apartment cats.

It would be great for us to evolve with medicine and not endanger the lives of our beloved animals. There are plenty of problems they could have, even vaccinated. And if we can rule out a few diseases, with a job as simple as vaccination, why not do it?

Both inside and outside.

Make sure you don’t leave anything that could be easily reached. Do not leave the pills on the bedside table when you have a cold. The anti-inflammatory drugs that heal us can be EXTREMELY TOXIC to them. Do not leave the chocolate unwrapped on the table and do not leave the cup of coffee unattended. Especially if you know you have a curious animal.

And when you’re walking, don’t let him run freely in other places than the specially arranged ones. He doesn’t walk on the street without a leash, even if he’s a super obedient dog. One time is enough to run after a cat or jump in front of the car. And it only takes a second for a disaster and an emergency vet visit.

If you check points 3 and 5, weight control will not be a problem. That is, proper nutrition + physical activity = an ideal weight and a healthy and happy animal!

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